Little He or Little She - Cotton Candy Gender Reveal

by Brittany T. | June 11, 2018

Gender reveal parties are becoming more and more popular. It's a fun way to celebrate a milestone and to share in the joy of a new baby with friends and family. We've seen everything from boxes hiding pink or blue balloons, to an exploding pink or blue baseball (pitched by mom and hit by dad), to cakes filled with pink or blue M&Ms or icing.

It just so happens that two of the most popular flavors of cotton candy are Pink Vanilla and Blue Raspberry - the perfect colors for a gender reveal.

At your gender reveal party, use a Cotton Candy Express machine to make up both pink and blue cotton candy cones. Display both colors of cones at the entrance to your party. Ask your guests to make a guess about the baby's gender by selecting a cotton candy cone to enjoy. Here is one idea for a sign to go with the cotton candy for your guests:

Pink or Blue?
It's up to you!
Make your pick &
Grab a cotton candy stick!

For the big reveal moment, you can enter the room carrying your own pink or blue cotton candy cone.

We also love the idea of using a cotton candy theme to the entire pregnancy. Why not use cotton candy at the baby shower and in the birth announcements? It's the perfect reason to stock up on cotton candy supplies! Shop now at our Amazon store.

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