How to Make Cotton Candy Easter Nests

by Brittany T. | March 22, 2018

The countdown has begun - only a few days until the Easter Bunny makes a visit. This means you better be ready for Reese's peanut butter eggs, malted milk chocolate eggs, Cadbury crème filled eggs, jelly beans, Peeps marshmallow chicks and bunnies, and all the happy Spring colors.

Easter is such a fun holiday to spend with family. Make it an extra special one this year and whip up a quick out-of-the-ordinary Easter treat - Cotton Candy Easter Nests.


  • - Pretty Plate or Easter Tray
  • - Cotton Candy Express Cotton Candy Machine
  • - Cotton Candy Express Floss Sugar
  • - 1 Paper Cotton Candy Cone
  • - Doughnuts (Store bought or if you're feeling like extra festive make your own from go Suzy Homemaker!)
  • - Malted Milk Chocolate Eggs (We used the Whoppers Robin Eggs BUT any favorite Easter egg shaped candies will work.)


  • - Preheat the Cotton Candy Machine - turn the machine ON and allow it to run 5-10 minutes [this will allow the floss head to warm-up and form cotton candy quicker]
  • - While the machine is warming up, assemble the doughnuts neatly on a fun plate or tray
  • - Once the machine is warm, turn OFF and wait for the floss head to stop spinning
  • - Add one scoop of sugar and turn the machine back ON
  • - As the cotton candy begins to form a web, collect the cotton candy on a cone, holding the cone at an angle and rotate it with your fingers, while circling the bowl
  • - Turn OFF the machine
  • - Pull fluffs of cotton candy off the cotton candy cone to fill the holes of each doughnut
  • - Place a few malted milk chocolate eggs into the center of each doughnut
  • - Serve immediately and ENJOY

A delicious and perfectly themed holiday treat! Happy Easter from all of us at Cotton Candy Express!

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